Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Mr Jiggs, your products used to be available thru distribution, why are we being told that you are out of business?
A: MrJiggs is under New Ownership. We still have quality products and a valid two (2) year warranty. We now have a sound module, SOM-1 R/P ,which is a rerecordable module that replaced our prerecorded SOM-1.

This allows the dealers to have an inventory that they can control,(I.E. if they sell 6 sound modules/week, they can stock 6 to 10 SOM1-R/P's and be able to sell the next six customers that come though the door, the sound they want).

This product lets you not only reduce inventory dollars and space, but guarantee that you can have the sound they want, even if they want a sound different from those found on our sound tape, (there are a few on the other sound makers tapes that are not the same as our originals). Another bonus, no more "stale" or no longer popular sounds in inventory.

This means no more $1500.00 to $2000.00 inventories, just to be viable in the sound market. (This may the reason the distributors don't choose to handle a proven product: They couldn't get you to load up a big inventory, plus how in the world would they sell you THEIR inventory of obsolete prerecored sounds?)

Q: Module is installed as per directions, and nothing happens, what is wrong?
A: First you must make sure that the green wire from module is connected to the pin or pad on the mic socket that has 5 to 9 VDC in receive mode, and reads 0 (zero) volts in transmit.

Q: You used to make a unit called the SOM-1 module, a prerecorded sound module, why is it no longer available?
A: As technical advances are made, we at Mr. Jiggs CB equipment try to stay abreast of the advances. the SOM-1 (prerecorded) has been replaced with the advanced module, "SOM-1 10 SEC RP." this module was developed for two main reasons:

  1. We had an inventory of over 91 prerecorded sounds, and it became impossible for the dealer to keep an inventory that large, so that a customer could readily purchase the module he wanted. This device allows the dealer to program the sound the customer wants on the spot.
  2. The SOM-1 module was also a one time programmable, (OTP) device, so when you bought a module, that was the sound you lived with until you bought a new one. With the "SOM-1, 10 SEC RP" you can reprogram it with a different sound, through the mic or off the air. Caution: the reprogramming feature is limited to 100,000 times, according to specs.  Think of inventory reduction for dealers, and savings for the end user.

Q: We've heard of Mr. Jiggs, and we were curious. How old is Mr. Jiggs CB Equipment?
A: By the loyal support of the CB family, we've been around since 1974 as manufacturers of "noise toys". You know of our reputation of providing you with the finest quality control "noise toys" for your CB enjoyment. (This has to be true because everyone is trying to copy us.)

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